Horse Racing Game


Are you a gambling person, or one who likes to take your chances? If you have answered in the affirmative, have you ever made your way to the races before? Surely you would revel in the kind of excitement that a horse race entails, and even more so when you have placed your bets, looking through the binoculars to see your favorite steed ramp it up in the final furlong to finish in pole position. Well, instead of spending your weekend afternoons at the races, you might want to do so at home – while getting your horse racing kicks in. You can do so with the $75 Horse Racing Game, of course, while sharing the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and spirited moments among friends and family.

The handmade Horse Racing Game has been described as “easy to play but difficult to stop”, and I do not doubt this claim, especially when you consider how the aspiring jockey in you cannot think of anything better other than to throw some money down on whom you think is going to rally past the finish line first throughout the week. This time around, you can more or less say that things are in your own hands, where all you need to do is pick your steed, roll the dice, and ensure that your stallion gets the best results with each dice roll.

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