Rinspeed’s MicroMAX could be the new people mover


Frequent travelers ought to be able to identify with the feeling of waiting for a pre-arranged airport shuttle pickup, or even spending their precious time under a bus stop as the airport’s very own shuttle bus makes its rounds once every half an hour. Well, Rinspeed could very well relegate all of that to the annals of history, as the Swiss automaker recently showcased their latest electric vehicle that they have dubbed the MicroMAX at the Geneva Auto Show.

As you can see above, the MicroMAX from Rinspeed might be small in size, but that is exactly why Rinspeed thinks it is going to succeed. It might be relatively small sized to larger people movers, but it would be extremely useful as a commuter taxi-bus-hybrid that comes jam packed with cloud-based software, allowing vehicles within a fleet to communicate with one another in order to set up future passenger pickups. We are talking about smart rides here, people, that are dynamic and work according to a “Just In Time” model.

The Rinspeed MicroMAX can carry a maximum of three average sized adults and their luggage within its living room-like cabin, and that alone comes with its range of creature comforts such as a coffee machine, a fridge and integrated Wi-Fi, and of course, a driver, considering how the MicroMAX is not going to be one of those driver-less rides just yet. Everyone will have to stand up to a certain degree as there is no place to seat fully as you lean on half-seats which are equipped with safety belts.

Underneath the hood, you will find a 28-kilowatt electric motor that is capable of traveling 100 kilometers before requiring a charge, making the MicroMAX a friend of the environment as well. Right now, Rinspeed is in talks with different automakers concerning the MicroMAX, where they are looking at a cost of between 5,000 and 10,000 Euros each.


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