Live Shows in Your Home

I live in a small town and I’m getting older. Translation: I get very little live music in my town and the stuff we do get is not in my wheelhouse. There are venues within an hour’s drive, but finding artists that are worth the drive, the parking, the cost of drinks and the all around hassle is a tough task. And forget about the days of simply popping in a club to check out a new artist. Those are looooong gone with geographic challenges and responsibilities like kids and daytime jobs. Oh do I miss the days of hanging out in hip clubs and venues!

Thanks to the technology age and demand for great music, ShowGo wants to bring great music right to your desktop, tablet or home theater system. ShowGo partners with big name, iconic venues to stream live shows. Get your favorite computer A/V setup ready to see artists from places like Yoshi’s (Oakland and San Francisco), The Mint (Los Angeles), Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley (Seattle), The Blue Note (Milan) and The Hideaway (London). With partners like that you know the quality of performers you will get. This year alone ShowGo has featured artists like Hiroshima, Billy Cobham, Edwin McCain and Kenny G. There are plenty of other acts too – meaning ShowGo also provides a way to hear artists new to your ears. Obviously we at Coolest Gadgets don’t often talk about ‘cool services’, but this new take on live music gives you a chance to exercise your computer and A/V and bring live music right to your home. Want to try it out? There are plenty of good shows coming up. So tune in and experience a new way to enjoy music from afar and discover new artists.