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Ever heard of Netatmo in the past? Well, neither have we, but here we are with the Netatmo Urban Weather Station, which has just launched with national retailer Brookstone. Just what the heck is the Urban Weather Station all about? Well, it has been touted to be the first personal weather station in the market that will boast of air quality sensors, and even better is the fact that since just about everyone and their grandfather owns a smartphone, the Netatmo Urban Weather Station will also play nice with the iPhone, iPad and Android-powered devices without missing a beat. In fact, the Urban Weather Station is no stranger to being under the spotlight, especially when it has been recognized for its innovative design and received three Innovations and Engineering Honoree Awards at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

You might ask yourself whether you actually have need for the Urban Weather Station or not, considering how you can always pull such data from an app on your smartphone, or refer to the desktop in your home or office which tends to be on most of the time. Well, the Netatmo Urban Weather Station intends to fill a niche market, where it enables users to keep track of track indoor as well as outdoor environmental elements, and these will include temperature, air quality, humidity, barometric pressure, and CO2 concentration among others, now how about that?

Specially developed for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android-powered devices, the Urban Weather Station is capable of recording and wirelessly transmit data over a Wi-Fi network to the Netatmo App for future viewing, regardless of where you are. The asking price for the Netatmo Urban Weather Station is a relatively affordable $179, especially when you take into consideration the novelty factor attached to it. Surely you now have a more accurate assistant in letting you know whether today would be ideal to hold that family BBQ that you have been mulling over…

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