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Mobile Theme

More and more of our readers are browsing the site (and web in general) on their phones and I must admit previously reading Coolest Gadgets on a mobile device was not the most enjoyable of experiences. However after a chunk of work this weekend we’re very happy to report we are now MUCH more mobile friendly.

The mobile version of the site will display automagically when you browse the site on your phone. We’ve tried to keep it as clean and simple as possible but also be recognisable as Coolest Gadgets. You can browse and read the site as you would any other site but it’s optimized for the small screen. Pressing the button at the top right displays a menu that lets you view specific categories or pages.

We’d really appreciate any feedback you may have, positive, negative or feature suggestions. If you find any bugs please let us know about them (and which phone you are using). Thanks and I hope you enjoy the mobile version of Coolest Gadgets.

6 thoughts on “New Mobile Theme for Coolest Gadgets”

  1. About time this site got up to date on what’s new since everything is now is literally a digital world ha-ha!

  2. Hi Al,

    Great idea but half delivered. There is no option to choose a standard page render. I am struggling to read the text and would normally pinch and zoom on my iPhone, which I can’t do now. You guys tried this a while back and it was terrible then as the link on the bottom of the page didn’t work and left viewers stuck with the mobile view. Might be worth carrying out a closed beta to get feedback before launching a UI that is unusable to some users.

    Thx Roy

  3. Thanks for the feedback Roy, we were having issues with caching so removed that feature. I’ve modified things now and it’s back and working (as far as I can tell). Would you mind checking and telling me if that works for you.


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