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The quest to capture video will drive people to amazing and sometimes stupid lengths. Obviously the jokesters on YouTube (a la Jackass) aren’t the most qualified videographers. But nor do they need to be. For the truly serious aficionados that want to publish their adventures it has been a long quest to find a product that 1) truly captures the action, and 2) is easy enough to attach somewhere on your body, and 3) can take a beating.

Pivothead Wearable Imaging is changing the world of point-of-view video. Built into the nose bridge of their shades is a video camera capable of 1080p HD video and 8MP image sensor for stills. 8GB of on-board memory enable plenty of action to be captured. Four focus setting options give you some flexibility in the images you take. With a simple fingertip press to the top left temple/arm have access to 3 video resolution settings, 6 time lapse settings and 5 burst capture options for stills. Record audio with video via the 44.4kHz microphone on the front. Check out some of the videos on their site, or below, to get more of a feel for the a/v recordings you can get. And of course Pivothead does not slight you on the quality of the glasses themselves. Their models contain quality lenses including polarized and interchangeable versions and even Revo brand. Sixteen models, from $299, mean you will get something that suits your look. And all contain the same video technology. Once off the trail you can even transmit your files wirelessly to your mobile devices with addition of their WiFi Drive accessory. Just think, no more funky attachments for your camera on your helmet or your video cam on your handle bars. If you are in the action and want to share your view with the world become a Pivothead.

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