LG Optimus G Pro gets Eye Tracking and Smart Video capability

So, you think that your smartphone is smart, and will definitely be able to live up to its name? LG Electronics has something interesting up their sleeves with the announcement of Smart Video capability for the LG Optimus G Pro, their current flagship, which will be introduced as an update pack to the handset in the South Korean market from April onwards. Smart Video is a new multimedia user experience feature that ensures your video recording and photo taking sessions on the LG Optimus G Pro will never be the same again, and not only that, it will also sport eye recognition capability that opens up the doors to a whole new world of convenience.

With the implementation of advanced eye recognition technology, Smart Video is capable of figuring out just where your eyes are looking at at the moment, and should it “see” using the front-facing camera that your eyes are looking elsewhere other than the display, video playback on the device will stop automatically, and when you return your gaze to the smartphone, so too, will the video playback resume from where it last left off. If this isn’t smart, I am not quite sure just how high the bar you have set when it comes to the definition of a “smartphone”. Perhaps you want one that is also capable of fixing your daily cup of morning coffee, two lumps of sugar and all?

Apart from the Smart Video feature, LG’s Optimus G Pro is also said to carry with it another claim to a “world’s first”, thanks to its Dual Camera function. In a nutshell, the Dual Camera feature will be an extension of the Dual Recording feature that originally appeared on the Optimus G Pro that arrived in the South Korean market in February. Dual Camera is capable of capturing photographs using both the front and back cameras, delivering a picture-in-picture composition so that you as the photographer, can be “part of the story” instead of remaining as an independent observer.

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