Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker


Over the years, I am quite sure that you have heard medical research being done on coffee drinkers – some say that drinking one cup of coffee a day is going to help lower the chances of heart attack, while some time down the road, another report says otherwise, placing you in two minds as to whether to continue to drink coffee or not. I say bollocks to all of that, and just settle for what you want to drink, as you can never tell whether today is going to be your last day here on earth or not. Having said that, you might want to check out the £34.99 Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker which comes in lime green, red, white or black colors.

All you need to do is fill up the Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker with coffee (or other flavors if you so desire), add some boiling water, and you’re good to go. Sporting an extremely classy design, it is the de facto coffee maker to purchase especially if you happen to be a young, working single who is just starting out in life, living in an extremely cramped apartment at a rent that would cause your father to cough up blood when he hears about it. Best of all is, this is one coffee maker that keeps on working even when there is no electricity in the region, thanks to its traditional drip-style form factor.

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