A Communicating Helmet

There exists a constant war on the roads between cyclists and drivers. Riders deserve their space on the road, yet some hot headed drivers apparently missed that day in driver’s education class. The challenge becomes understanding what actions bikers may take. Sure they teach us the hand signals at an early age but face it, not all cyclers use them. And then there is the fun of blind spots, awkward intersections and other cars which can hinder a driver’s view of a biker, even if you are trying to be really polite. This exact conundrum served as perfect reason to create the DORA Bicycle Helmet.

Designed by Hungarian student, Balazs Filczer, this is a helmet of modern technology. Run via a rechargeable battery conveniently clipped in as part of the helmet – DORA contains exactly what a biker needs: a headlight, a tail light and left/right blinkers. Lights are controlled on a handle bar attachment which communicates with the helmet via Bluetooth. DORA is so logical it elicits one of those “why hasn’t that been done by now” responses. Apparently that is what voters at the International Bicycle Design Competition recently thought as it won the top award in the clothing & accessories category. A possible drawback may be additional weight added to the cyclist’s head. But I would think a smart company that jumps on this innovative product could come up with materials to lessen the added mass. So yes, DORA is just a concept as of now. But I would not be surprised to see it on the market in the future and hopefully help drivers and bikers communicate more clearly.

Thanks: FastCoExist