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I fondly remember the childhood days of playing games outside until you could not see a foot in front of you. Neighborhood football, baseball, basketball or soccer games got everyone out of the house and active. That moment when parents started yelling “come home” out the door was always a sad moment. When mom said that it was pitch black out I never had a comeback better than “but moooommmm, the game’s not done!”  Wish Reboot Sports was around in those days. We could have played all night.

Reboot’s Magma Light Up technology enables games to go on long after the sun goes down. LED’s built into the balls and bats enable you to catch, make contact and play long into the night. Magma Light units, including the LEDs, are built to handle the rigors of being whacked, thrown and more. And you can see the lighted objects from up to 100 yards away for those hail Mary’s to win the game. Battery life varies from unit to unit – footballs and small balls being 40 hours, bats and future bigger balls about 20 hours. Visit Reboot’s website to get hooked up with with two Magma Light Up Balls or a Scoop Ball set for $12.95 or Bat/Ball Set or Football for $24.95. They even offer a 3-pack of light up golf balls for $27.95. Stay tuned for upcoming soccer ball and basketball launches too. And good news travels fast as Maxim and NBC have recently featured Magma Light Up units as a good gift for the die hard/play hard sports fan.  If you want those days of “come home, you can’t see” to be over and you or the sports fan in your life want to play into the night then visit Reboot Sports.

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Steve Says: March 14, 2013 at 10:07 am

These balls are the best! My kids ages 13 and 10 quit playing their xbox for the football. Now the whole neighborhood is here playing well into the evening. No more videos!

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