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If you played (or still play) sports in your younger years and look at kid’s practices today I’m guessing you will see some of the same drills you remember fondly. Though technology moves fast these days, some things – like basketball practice – don’t feel any benefit. Sure you can watch video tape. But that is about as exciting as technology gets with hoops practice. And that is the exact reason the company Infomotion Sports went to the drawing board.

Now on Kickstarter, their 94Fifty basketball brings technology to the game. Included in each ball is a sensor backed with Texas Instruments technology. Using Bluetooth and one or more of their four (Workout, QuickTraning, Compete and Challenge)  iOS or Android apps the ball handler, coach or any other observer can garner a number of details all of which can help improve the players ball handling, dribbling and more. Data captured from the ball includes dribble force, backspin, shot arc plus shot speed and consistency. If you are a righty working on your lefty skills easily understand how differently you dribble with each. When your buddy says your shot is flat now you can tell exactly how flat it is. You get the point. As do some Division I men’s and women’s teams and a couple foreign professional teams who are using the system. Being registered online of course you can also challenge other users to competitions too. Get on board for a few more weeks on Kickstarter. For $195 get a ball, all apps, a 60 day trial of their online analysis tool. Or if you prefer the retail route, sign up on their site ($295 retail) for shipment this Fall. Not a hoopster? Anticipate other types of balls from them as their popularity grows. The video on their fundraising page explains much more, but it is hard to believe that knowing more about your game won’t help you improve.

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