Handheld Rechargeable Power Scrubber


Some things in life are said to require extra effort on your part to get the job done, and getting rid of stains on the carpet can be considered to be one of those times. Well, if you have always wanted to pick up a scrubber of your own, look no further than the $89.95 Handheld Rechargeable Power Scrubber, which has been touted to thoroughly clean and polish without any need for elbow grease, chemicals, or heck, to be held back by a restrictive electrical cord.

This is a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, where the Handheld Rechargeable Power Scrubber itself will be accompanied by reusable, interchangeable cleaning pads that will differ one from another in terms of coarseness, allowing it to handle a variety of situations, ranging from heavy-duty grime on a grill, to wiping off scuffs from a tile floor, or perhaps even to gently polish that glass table of yours without introducing an entire family of scratches. The palm-sized scrubber will work quietly, as it will not produce unpleasant vibrations or noise, and thanks to its iron-shaped head and cordless operation, it will be a snap to use the Handheld Rechargeable Power Scrubber in tight corners. A full charge offers 30 minutes of scrubbing.

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