One Stop Chop Cutting Board


Since we are all about convergence devices these days, why not let the humble chopping board at home also feature a similar idea? Thinkgeek has just the thing for your kitchen with the $39.99 One Stop Chop Cutting Board, where it comes across as a raised cutting board that has storage drawers right under it. Yes sir, this means you can always keep your essential chopping, slicing and dicing utensils within the cutting board itself without having to worry about where the knife went.

Made out of bamboo, its surface has been treated with mineral oil to make it highly durable and beautiful. A trio of prep drawers can be pulled out so you are able to slide chopped food in them if you so desire, minimizing the amount of cups or bowls around the cutting board area of the kitchen. Heck, you can even opt to bring the entire One Stop Chop Cutting Board over to the stove for easy and spill-free cooking, especially when you have finely chopped onions ready and waiting to be thrown into the nearest pot for that lovely onion soup recipe.

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