Construct Your Own Vehicle

Did you have a basket of LEGO™ as a kid? A kid could play with LEGO or other construction toys for hours on end. Build houses, vehicles or whatever. But did you ever wish that someday you could have life sized houses or vehicles just like you designed? I did. Now days you have Minecraft and other video-based construction games which introduce different skills. But really, does building a virtual world stimulate the brain as much as building with your hands? I tend to believe not.

Over on, the site where users vote on which inventions should come to market, a creative kids construction product just got the go ahead for Quirky involvement. SPARK hopes to spark your kids imagination with modular parts that can be interchanged to create wheeled vehicles and more. SPARK really encourages kids to get as creative as possible while also letting them learn about mechanics of bikes, cars and the like. The concept is that SPARK comes with certain parts and pieces. Pedals, batteries and other devices could be added to make them functional. Or if parents want to go beyond vehicles perhaps other kits could be sold to encourage building of other objects. And what a great way to get parents involved in the building process. Stay tuned to Quirky for next steps in the SPARK development process. And look forward to finally constructing life sized gizmos.