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“Nooooooooo” you are saying. “Not another speaker!” There are so many speakers out there, I agree. That’s why we try to keep to the out-of-the-ordinary ones. And Creative did it again with their Sound BlasterAxx. We featured previous Sound Blaster products in the past and have always been impressed with what they do to computer audio. Axx is no exception especially with PC audio’s growing and diverse range of functions.

First off, Axx looks to be more than just a computer speaker. It serves as a high quality speaker and microphone for effective two-way communication. Axx capitalizes on voice commands and voice recognition. The built-in microphone and Smart Voice Management function enable your voice and commands to be heard from a distance. Give a command or enable those on the other end to hear you with no volume loss, even while you move around the room. And Creative’s CrystalVoice™ technology reduces noise and echo, so your TV noise coming from the other room won’t disrupt your call. If that is not enough use the VoiceFocus feature. When activated, Sound BlasterAxx will only pick up noise from a select zone. CrystalVoice FX also enables you to alter your voice with your choice of effects, for those times when you don’t want to be yourself. Easily stream using built-in Bluetooth. Use your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) or PC to control settings, or use the touch controls on top when needed. Axx even looks like an advanced piece of audio equipment with two speakers vertically in one chassis. Check more of the details and purchase any one of the three desktop sizes on Amazon for $79.99$199.99. I think you will be impressed with how far speaker technology (especially two way) has come.

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IT Rush Says: March 9, 2013 at 7:08 am

Besides its voice control function, I love also the idea of controlling it via your Computer or Smartphone.. Cool

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