Levitron Lamp


You might not be the wise old man sitting at the top of an impossible-to-climb mountain, and neither are you a swami who sleeps on a bed of nails, but this does not mean you are unable to make things levitate. Thing is, you will first need to lighten your bank account by $150 before you are able to get hold of the Levitron Lamp which is light as air, and the middle bit of the lamp does seem as though it is “missing”, hence leaving the top bit floating .

The Levitron Lamp is lit by half a dozen cool-white, high-intensity LEDs, where this illusionary lamp will blend both art with innovative technology into accent lighting. Definitely the way to leave a lasting impression, don’t you think so? Thanks to the power of magnetism, this apparently gravity-defying “shade” of the lamp will remain suspended over an inch above its base, making it look as though it remains floating on a halo of light. Some assembly required, so you might want to enlist some help from your man to get it up and running.

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