LED Ampli-TIE gives you an electrifying appearance


Everyone wants to look their best, it is in our nature always to put our best foot forward. After all, who would like to play the role of a slacker? Nobody, really, unless one does not really care about what the world thinks of them. Well, here is a unique addition to your wardrobe, where it comes in the form of the LED Ampli-TIE which could very well be a DIY project. Basically, your average, boring looking necktie can now be transformed, given a new lease of life as you light it up like a VU meter.

The LED Ampli-TIE will rely on the Electret Microphone Amplifier to that will then trigger 16 Flora NeoPixels which has been sewn using conductive thread along the entire length of the tie in order for it to work. Of course, if you are going to embark on this project on your own, you would definitely need to have a fair amount of DIY knowledge, especially when it comes to Flora, the Adafruit Microphone Amplifier Breakout, and conductive thread among others. Since there are electric bits and pieces all over, should you find a need to wash your LED Ampli-TIE after spilling some curry or wine on it, make sure you remove the battery and perform a gentle spot clean, as water should be refrained from getting into the microphone.

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