Bartendro robot is an interesting mix, pardon the pun

Your local bartender might have a thing or two to say about the Bartendro robot mixologist, especially in these economically trying times, and to be made redundant at the workplace because of technology is definitely quite a bummer. The thing is, the Bartendro robot mixologist does not look as though it is going to replace the bald man behind the counter, wiping glasses, anytime soon, considering how one of the main draws of a local pub would be the bartender himself who lends a shoulder to cry on during times of trouble among its clientele, as well as offers some sagely advice from time to time.

Still, to see a robot function as a bartender is something else, but do not expect the Bartendro to be some sort of protocol droid like C3PO which you see in Star Wars. No sir, it will seem to be more of a contraption, but is a robot at the very base. Thanks to the presence of a Raspberry Pi processor, it is capable of crafting up a wide range of cocktails, as long as it carries the relevant information in its database.

The Bartendro robot is said to be able to handle up to 15 bottles of booze and mixers simultaneously, and is capable of dispensing precision cocktails in a swift turnaround time of under 10 seconds. Of course, the lack of a human touch will not see the Bartendro take over the human bartender duties anytime soon, but I suppose at clubs where folks just want to get a shot of their favorite poison without having to go through the motions of talking to other folks, will find some solace in the presence of the Bartendro.

Other than the Raspberry Pi processor, the Bartendro robot mixologist will also comprise of other parts such as peristaltic pumps, custom electronic dispenser boards, and food-grade tubing. Capable of churning out 200 cocktails in an evening, you can be sure that this is one robot which will not hit on your girlfriend, but neither is it capable of breaking up fights. Fancy getting the Bartendro? You will have to fork out a rather handsome $2,499 for it.