Genius Ultimate Gaming Combo Introduced

Gamers take their gaming sessions very seriously, and there are different kinds of gaming companies that offer various hardware configurations to cater for the vast diversity among humankind. After all, one man’s meat has been known to be another man’s poison, and this time around, we have Genius announcing what they call the Ultimate Gaming Combo, delivering the complete suite of gear required (at least, in Genius’ eyes) for smooth h PC gaming in a single package, and it comprises of the Genius GX Gaming Series Mouse, Keyboard and Headset.

This ”ideal toolset”, so to speak, is now available in the US and Canada. The 3 in 1 GX Gaming Series combo will merge together what Genius has classified as the elite products of the GX Gaming Series, where among them include the Maurus Black gaming mouse, Imperator gaming keyboard and Lychas gaming headset.

First of all, the Maurus Black Gaming Mouse will come with a bunch of customizable features, which has been touted to deliver a personalized experience. The Scorpion UI (User Interface) will enable you to save up to 21 macros, delivering a competitive edge even in the midst of a battle, while Maurus’ buttons, complete with default settings of left, right, middle with scroll, next page, and last page, can be programmed to offer gamers an even greater degree of customizable control. Apart from that, you can over-clock the SG Core engine, so that you can adjust the dpi to four different levels (450/900/1800/3500) directly from the mouse.

As for the Imperator Gaming Keyboard, it sports half a dozen programmable keys under 3 game profiles, letting you assign up to 18 macros. As for the included UI, it is a snap to manage and customize your macros. The Lychas Gaming Headset is perfect for LAN parties and competitions, thanks to its individual ear cup volume control. The asking price for this “combo”? $129.99 a pop, which is pretty decent actually.

Press Release (PDF Link)

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