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There are some gaming experiences which tablets just can’t emulate. The joystick of Pac Man for example. Or maybe you enjoyed the roller ball thing on Centipede. For whatever reason, cranking on the joystick or madly spinning the ball just made us feel like we played the game better.

The same philosophy goes for classic tabletop games too. New Potato Technologies believes we should not sacrifice the feel of our favorite games just because we have touch screens. Classic Match Foosball™ provides a miniature, true-to-life foosball experience on the iPad via a free app and dock connector with built-in control bars. Compatible with the first 3 generations of iPads, the device gives you 8 controllers with grips and scoring markers on each end plus rubber feet to not scratch the table.  Pop your iPad into the 30 pin connector. The handle actions are transmitted through the connector and your players act accordingly. Sure, the controller does use a little bit of power from your pad, but nothing serious. And you can always plug it in and charge while playing (or when you aren’t playing). And yes, you can spin the handles, just like on a real sized table. The app enables a variety of games, instant replay and even crowd noise. If you miss your foosball days and want to bring back the fun check out the free app and $99.99 table for Classic Match Foosball. You will foos like a champ in no time.

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