iKit NuCharge launched on Kickstarter

When it comes to making a fast buck, I am quite sure that many companies know that making accessories for a hugely successful device, like say, an iPhone or an iPad, would be a venture that carries relatively low risk, compared with churning out a totally new accessory for an untested device. After all, no one would want to see their precious new iPhone or iPad pick up its fair share of scratches just days after being carried around, do they? Having said that, the protective case market for iOS-powered devices is a highly competitive one, and will there be accessories for the iPhone 5 that will be different from the rest of the pack? Apparently, there is hope for humanity yet – in the presence of the NuCharge from iKit that was recently launched on Kickstarter

The iKit NuCharge is touted to be the first iPhone 5 case that will come with an interchangeable battery pack as well as case cover, all crammed within a single, slim case, now how about that? This would provide users with the option to carry around an aluminum or leather case cover, where those, too, will come in a wide range of Pantone colors that are eye-friendly, or you can opt to swap it out for a 1900 mAh battery pack in either black or white shades, assuming you know that you have a long day ahead of you in terms of work, and would push the iPhone’s battery a whole lot harder than usual.

The NuCharge will comprise of a snap-on case that was specially designed to remain on at all times, and built-in grooves will connect it to either a fashionable case cover or a battery pack. Sporting a slim and lightweight design, you will also find the NuCharge to come with an integrated Lightning connector that is made from strong TPE material which delivers durability without compromising the slim design, in addition to an integrated kickstand which has been added to offer landscape and portrait viewing.

Pledges for the iKit NuCharge campaign on Kickstarter will start at $59, and you can hit $89 for a limited time chrome edition. Shipping of NuCharge cases are tipped to occur in early April 2013.

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