Thor Ice Scraper


I am very sure that most of us would know of Mjolnir, even if you did not read about it from classic Norse stories but rather, all your knowledge about Mjolnir hails from the Marvel Comics universe, and if you were to say it in plain English, let’s just call it Thor’s Hammer. Thinkgeek has a different idea on Mjolnir, and has decided to do a different take on Thor’s tool with the $20.99 Thor Ice Scraper.

Yes sir, the Thor Ice Scraper does what, I presume, Mjolnir would not be able to. Windscreens are, after all, extremely delicate items, and when you apply a little bit too much pressure on it using a mythical uru hammer that is capable of knocking down opponents with impunity, I’m afraid the windscreen is not able to hold. The Thor Ice Scraper will come in a form of a pseudo-warhammer, but its main duty is to clean ice off of glass, so that you can see where you’re headed to next, so that you do not miss the exit to Asgard. I’m also quite sure the Thor Ice Scraper can double up as a callus shaver for Frost Giants…

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