Swann Sky Duel helicopters bring the fight indoors

I know that most parents would want their little ones to head out to the great outdoors and play whenever the weather is just fantastic, especially during those summer months, instead of being cooped up at home in front of the computer or the TV. Well, sometimes the weather does not seem to be too co-operative, so some sort of indoor entertainment is required that does not involve seeing a display for prolonged periods of time. Confiscate the kids’ smartphones, tablets, and consoles, and bring out Swann’s latest Sky Duel helicopters for some indoor dueling fun – the safe way, of course.

The Swann Sky Duel twin indoor helicopters will enable you to shoot infrared beams at your opponent, and when all of that action is going on, it will be accompanied by actual whizzing sounds as well as flashing lights when you fire a missile. I guess the only special effect to make it more realistic that is missing would be smoke, no? Once you have successfully registered three hits, your opponent’s helicopter will be disabled, and fall from the sky.

The moment the duel is over, the two of you can compose your nerves, relive those tense moments over a cup of hot chocolate, and throw yourselves straight into action all over again. You need not have to worry about damaging your recently purchased toy, as the Sky Duel was specially manufactured for indoor flying, and is said to be able to withstand its fair share of impacts as well as crashes.

Equipped with Swann’s Easy-Fly Gyro Technology, the controllers will boast of a couple of analog control joysticks that have been styled after classic video games. The trim controller will feature a laser fire button, while its precise 6-way multi-directional Up/Down, Forward/Backward & Left/Right turn movements are a snap to execute.

A full charge (via USB or through the remote control) will give you 7 minutes of flying per chopper. Each purchase of the Swann Sky Duel Helicopters will set you back by $79.99.

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