Driver’s Cell Phone Signal Booster

If there is one cardinal sin that all driver should not do, it would be to talk on your handset with one hand holding the phone, while the other controls the steering wheel. Sure, if you happen to be seated at the back seat with a chauffeur in front, by all means go ahead and yak away, but if you are at the wheel, it is time to be far more responsible with your life and the lives of others. Get a hands-free kit or a Bluetooth headset, for Pete’s sake! And if you already have that, and tend to travel to remote areas where the signal is not too great, perhaps the $159.95 Driver’s Cell Phone Signal Booster would come in handy.

As its name suggests, the Driver’s Cell Phone Signal Booster is an amplifier that claims to boost a cell phone’s reception by up to 20X whenever you are driving. It will be different from other models that boosts only 2G or 3G signals, as this puppy is far more updated, being optimized to handle 4G LTE signals for Verizon or AT&T handsets, in addition to boosting 3G and 2G signals for nearly all other U.S. carriers, now how about that? It does so by improving bi-directional signal strength in weak-signal areas, minimizing dropped calls and maximizing data speeds.