Stick It!



Name the variety of things you have used as a typing stand. The wall, with paper taped to it, is probably on your list – at least until the corners curl and you have to use more tape…and pull paint off the wall. My office phone used to sort of work. It would prop things up at least. Maybe you got one of those fancy ones that hangs off the monitor. Sure stinks if you need to type off of something that isn’t paper though. And of course there are the traditional typing stands that have a secure way to hold things down…which is inevitably in your way as you type.

What if you had a stand that sat upright next to you but didn’t require a holder on it? Try out Justick, $29.98 on,  and you will get exactly that. Things just stick…hence the name. The surface of the stand is electro-adhesion, meaning anything flat that you put on it sticks to it. The patented surface literally grabs the object. And no, it is not static electricity. Using 4 AA batteries, energy literally flows through the Justick. And batteries should last you about 18 months. So no worries. Keep those documents, pictures or articles upright as you need them and don’t hassle with makeshift stands anymore.

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