Man builds own Oreo Separator


I don’t know about you, but I am an absolute sucker for Oreos. After all, I find it really difficult to resist the cream filling of each Oreo cookie, and all willpower just wilts when faced with a roll of Oreos and a glass of cold milk, as the twist and dunk combo is definitely one of my favorite comfort foods. Well, artist and inventor David Neevel must be one of the very few people in the world who hate the cream that lines each Oreo cookie, and the inventor side of him decided to do something quirky – be developing a machine that allows him to remove the creamy part of the Oreo cookie.

Neevel’s Oreo Separator Machine, as he calls it, is a creation that defies logic – who in their right mind would resist the creamy bit of an Oreo cookie? Well, the invention will comprise of a mish mash of items, including aluminum, wood, a hatchet and floss, all put together in his garage in Portland, Oregon. Of course, Neevel did have to pay a price to build the Oreo Separator Machine, taking approximately two weeks of his time to do so. Neevel said, “It was a big time commitment. I had to work some long hours. I didn’t see my girlfriend or my dog for hours at a time.”

I don’t think he’d find a decent market who would be willing to pay him money for his invention, as scraping off the cream using the blunt edge of a butter knife is a whole lot cheaper.


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