Interactive window displays the future of shopping


Interactive shop window displays, now that is definitely something worth looking into, pardon the pun, if you happen to be a store owner who wants to find new and creative ways to draw the attention of the masses to your shop’s doorsteps. Dutch creative agency …,staat has come up with a series of eight interactive window displays that is located at Selfridges, London, for their client Nike.

These unique interactive windows will assist Nike in parading their collection of sporting goods, and was also part of the House of Innovation collaboration that happened last summer. …,staat hopes that the interactive windows will be able to draw enough outside attention, which will then be translated to attract customers to take the first step and satisfy their piqued curiosity by stepping inside. Depending on which interactive window you are looking at, they will interact in different ways with passersby, where some will require you to get involved in a game, while others change their shape and design as a person walks past.

The advertised Nike products are the Nike+ Fuelband, Flyknit Racer, Reflective Windrunner, Hyper Elite Jersey, and Lunarglide sneakers, although this is not a conclusive list.


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