A Smarter Skewer

Skewers give a great way to feed just about any crowd. Prep your proteins and veggies and let your guests load up their own creations. Everyone gets fat and happy so to speak. Do you ever look at the grill after such an undertaking? Inevitably some food gets sacrificed to the grill. A lopsided zucchini slice does not hold on or a cube of beef just gives way. There is only so much a skewer can take after all. Which provides a perfect reason to invest in a set of Grill Comb Skewers for $14.95 on Amazon.com.

Rather than spearing that cherry tomato and hoping it stays on, let these grill gadgets secure the food. Nineteen teeth provide ample space to create a skewer masterpiece but also enable multiple stabs per chunk of food. Your meat and vegetables will not slide around like on a single stick. No need to squeeze or flatten food to get it on the comb either. Detaching food becomes a cinch as it easily slides off since they are made of stainless steel. Which also means the days of soaking wooden skewers and risking splinters are gone. So prep your chicken, beef, shrimp, peppers, (I’m making myself hungry) tomatoes, onions and mushrooms and don’t let them get sacrificed to the grill.