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Did your grandparents have a light timer in their living room? I think many did. Back when burglaries were fewer and farther between it made sense. Unfortunately crime is on the rise. (I’ll resist going on a political tangent) Burglars are much smarter. So we the home owners/dwellers must better prepare our domiciles. House sitters have become a popular option. Or maybe your neighbor stops by to turn lights off and on. Smarthomes enable remote control of many items in the home. But not all of us can afford a True Smarthome (or can’t retro fit ours).

Announced yesterday at Mobile World Congress, and covered by CNN, in Barcelona is a solution to use our everyday technological capabilities when it comes to remote household control. The BeeWi Mobot will make your grandparent’s timer look archaic! At its simplest the device is a power socket. Plug your light, appliance or gadget in however, and Mobot takes over the control. Multiple Mobots in the home can communicate via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, with  master Mobot also having a SIM card installed. This, of course, means the master Mobot communicates with the outside world via iOS app (no mention of Android yet). Voila. You can control the full gamut of Mobot connected devices from anywhere in the world. Change the lighting while you are away from home. Pop on the TV to entertain the dog. Turn the TV off as a reminder of teenagers about bedtime. Start the washer while on your way home from work. Or scare the heck out of family that may be home! In addition to controlling power on devices, Mobot offers a motion detector which texts you after movement in the house or you can set it up to turn lights on when you walk in. BeeWi anticipates launch later this year at about $195 (£130) for a master and $80 (£50) per additional plug. Sure it is an investment, but for control and awareness of activities at home it should be worth the money.

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David G. Says: February 27, 2013 at 3:09 pm

It was covered by CNET, not CNN. At least that’s where the link goes.

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