Hear Your Wallet Talk Back


We all enjoy opening our wallets don’t we? OK, sometimes. But often nothing exciting happens. Usually we pay money out. Theoretically we receive something in return. Parents, some days feel like that is all you do. Some smart folks decided to add a diversion to the simple process of opening your wallet which could make it a little less painful…or at least less serious.

Sonic Wallets, $19.95, proves to make opening your wallet something to smile about. As you open a Sonic Wallet a built-in light sensor trips a sound byte interlude. The American Flag version gets you the national anthem. Drum Machine plays a riff. Shakespeare Insult plays insults from Shakespearean sounding characters. Other models include Baseball, Buddha, Jesus, Moolah, The Scream all of which play multiple songs or sound bytes too. So on those days where you are constantly paying out, you won’t get bored with the same song. Built for the duration and constructed of recycled Tyvek, you will have a hard time ripping, puncturing or drowning a Sonic Wallet. And if the noises finally get to you some day you can stop the noise by blocking the light sensor. Sure, opening your wallet is tough some days. But with a Sonic Wallet at least you will get a response when you do.

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