Bird Box Radio and MP3 Speaker


If you happen to have a sizeable yard (whether it is at the back or in front, that does not matter), surely it would look a whole lot better with a carefully manicured lawn and some trees growing out of it, providing a decent amount of shade from the heat of the scorching sun. Where there are trees, you can be sure that life will be attracted to it, such as creepy crawlies that turn the soil to make it more fertile, and of course, them birds who you love or hate (the latter tend to be folks whose freshly washed cars were parked under a tree). Well, the chirping of birds will surely bring about a smile to anyone’s face, no matter how gloomy it was in the beginning, but what happens when you take the idea of a bird box and add some technology into it? You end up with the £19.99 Bird Box Radio and MP3 Speaker, that’s what.

The Bird Box Radio and MP3 Speaker is pretty much self-explanatory, where it is shaped like an FM radio, sporting a retractable aerial as well as a headphone jack that allows you to plug in an MP3 or portable media player, and play back your own tunes out loud. The radio itself will come with multi-colored lights which illuminate and flash whenever music is played, resulting in a disco atmosphere. Being eco-friendly, it is made from cardboard so that you can recycle it when the product reaches the end of its life. It is powered by a quartet of AA batteries.

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