Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus


Minecraft has definitely been a success on many unprecedented levels for sure, which is a good thing, as it shows that the world is still not short on creativity when it comes to churning out new gaming titles for the masses. Well, as with any self-respecting game, there will be addicts at the scene as well, and Minecraft is no different. In fact, you might be classified as hardcore should you decide to actually play Minecraft Pocket Edition on your touchscreen-capable mobile device using the $19.99 Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus.

The Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus says it all – it is a miniature pickaxe that was designed to resemble the classic pickaxe within Minecraft itself, where it will play nice on majority of the touchscreen devices out there, regardless of whether you are a smartphone or tablet owner. Thing is, you will be able to write with the top of the pickaxe or to use the end of the handle, the job will still get done. Made out of high-density foam, the Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus measures 3.25″ x 2″ if you are interested in picking it up.

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