Birdie Swing Tea Infuser

Forget about the birds and the bees, with the £9.99 Birdie Swing Tea Infuser that comes in either a lime or purple color shade, you have the birds and the teas. Yes sir, the name of the Birdie Swing Tea Infuser more of less gives the game away, where it will certainly inject a whole lot more “soul” into your everyday tea drinking experience. Dunking a tea bag is far too boring, so to spice things up, fill the Birdie Swing Tea Infuser with your favorite blend of tea leaves, steep it in hot water, and be patient for a while before taking a sip of the beverage.

The bird itself will look as though it is singing, “Happy days are here again!” while sporting the tea leaf blend of your choice, and we are quite sure that while you take that sip of tea during the afternoon, feasting on freshly baked scones and some strawberry preserve with cream on the side, you are as close to heaven as it gets here on earth.