All Day Fitness Watch


Do you wear a watch to keep the time? Assuming that you do without having to rely on your smartphone to get the job done, how about making sure that your timepiece too, is able to help you out in making sure you remain fit as a fiddle. Of course, wearing a watch is not going to automatically exercise your body on your behalf, but the $99.95 All Day Fitness Watch will be able to keep track of your resting heart rate, total number of calories burned, in addition to the overall activity and rates your fitness.

The All Day Fitness Watch is capable of comparing your current resting heart rate to the average reading from the past week, while using that data to compile a fitness score. As you continue to work on your body, logically speaking, your fitness levels should improve with a lowered resting heart rate, making it a snap to track progress and set goals. There is an integrated accelerometer that can detect all kinds of movement, allowing the timepiece to automatically track how much time you spend moving each day, while performing a rough calculation on number of calories burned from exercise and daily activities. Other features include a pedometer, chronograph, and countdown timer, not to mention showing off the date with an alarm built in.

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