A New Approach to 2.1 Sound


I find it interesting to peruse Kickstarter and Indiegogo and see what gets funded – or does not get funded. It sort of gives insight as to what people are interested in. Especially in the world of technology. One Swedish company – People People – just completed their second successful Kickstarter campaign. Their Memoto, wearable mini camera, raised over $500k. And yes, their second product funded there was just as creative.

Welcome to Transparent Speaker. As you can see, errrr not see, the name perfectly explains the device. Their concept was a functional sound system that really played into a user’s environment. Rather than using particleboard or even wood, People People wants the speaker to fit your world rather than making your room revolve around the speaker. What makes the Transparent Speaker unique is the construction. Two versions are offered. The $800 Transparent Speaker comes fully assembled. If you choose to be more creative try the $450 Transparent Speaker DIY Kit. All the parts are included except the 6mm material for the walls. You pick and cut your own material more local to you. As you add years to the speaker and since construction is so easy the parts are easily replaceable. So a broken speaker does not mean trash heap. Distribute your music via powered USB port (for a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi dongle), two auxiliary outs or even an Airport Express docking space. Two 3 inch drivers and a 6.5 inch sub give highs, lows and everything in between. The amp contains DSP to ensure it measures up within the category. And a basic control panel keeps bass, treble and volume accessible. Combine all these assets and you have a stylish, unique and eco-friendly solution that also performs. Obviously, People People seems to be keen on figuring out what the world wants to see – or in the case of Transparent Speaker – not see in their technology.

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