Any Surface Magnetic iPad Mount

So, you happen to own an iPad and cannot live without it wherever you go. Thing is, no matter how strong you are, your hands might end up rather tired even after a while from holding up an iPad to watch movie after movie. This is where iPad holders come in handy, but there are already so many in the market, will this latest addition offer something different? Well, Hammacher’s $99.95 Any Surface Magnetic iPad Mount intends to do so, where this unique iPad holder will be able to mount to any vertical or horizontal surface.

Thanks to the holder’s powerful, 60-lb.-rated magnet, it is capable of attaching itself to just about any ferrous metal surface (a refrigerator would be a good example) and it will be accompanied by a couple of attachments, one with suction cups and the other with screws and wall anchors, just in case you want a permanent iPad holder on a surface or wall made up of glass, wood, or drywall. The iPad will clip into the holder’s metal arms, and you need not have to purchase a separate special case for it, enabling you to rotate the tablet computer 360° or tilt it up to 70° for optimal positioning. Compatible with the iPad 2 and 3, both attachments arrive in 16-gauge solid steel for strong adherence with the iPad holder’s magnet.

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  1. Do you know the measures of the triangular magnet or suction cup arms? I am trying to find out if it will fit on an actuator on a LiteGait unit.


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