Notes No One Can Miss


Making notes to ourselves has become so much easier with the evolution of phones. We can now basically set up reminders, alerts or alarms for whatever we need. When it comes to others leaving notes for us things are not so advanced are they? Sure, they can send an email or ping you on Facebook. But really – does anyone want to have to create an invitation to remind your teenage son to take out the trash? Notepads are fine too. But if your household is like mine, there is no central place to leave a note where you can be positive the recipient gets it.

What if you woke up with the note on your pillow?! Short of taping a note to someone’s forehead I am thinking the pillow is a good solution. The Doodle Pillowcase, $25.49 at Perpetual Kid, will let you leave your notes under their head – virtually assuring you they will see your request. Before that teenager lays their head down to take the nap they so desperately wanted, your reminder to take out the trash will be seen. Conversely, if you wake up in the night with your million dollar idea just grab the pen and write on the pillow. When you find a more responsible place for your notes or the task is done simply wash the pillowcase. If the pillowcase would only guarantee the task gets accomplished I think we would all make the investment.

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