Handheld LCD Magnifier


Aging sucks, but it is a rite of passage that we all must go through. In fact, I am starting to feel the effects of plunging headlong into my 30s, and somehow, the energy that I used to possess just a couple of years ago is no longer there. Parts of the body are guaranteed to fail in due time, or at least, have its performance deteriorate over the course of time. Apart from one’s hearing, sight too, is a sense that will start to blur due to the scourge of time. Well, good thing we live in this day and age where there is technology to help us out, and the $329 Handheld LCD Magnifier is one nifty device which delivers up to 13.6x magnification, all in the palm of your hand.

This ultra-portable video magnifier is extremely lightweight and a snap to use, where only three buttons are available for you to use, and it sports a wide 3.5″ screen with anti-blur technology. The images that appear will come in color, black and white, or reverse, and you can also opt for freeze frame too. All you need to do is run the magnifier across your paper, and your eyes need not squint nor work that hard to read all those fine print. It is ideal for travel and for folks who have aging eyes or impaired vision, where the assistance of a strong LED light and a rechargeable Li-lon battery will offer around 2.5 hours of “playback time”, so to speak.

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