A More Affordable (?) Vertu

What springs to mind when I mention Vertu? I’m guessing either “luxury” or “who are they”. Vertu cell phones, made entirely in the UK, evolved as status symbols with high end materials and price tags. Yet under the hood this company – until late 2012 owned by Nokia – left something to be desired. The technology did not match up to the exterior.  Last week Vertu announced the launch of a new handset, the Ti, which proves to give an interior worthy of the casing provided.

First of all the Ti runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream) which is a huge leap beyond Symbian OS used in prior Vertu models. 8MP camera with 1080 HD video capability measures up to other makers. Apps on the unit will totally cater to the high-end user too. For You delivers customized articles and even privileges based on your likes. Stumped in Singapore while on a trip? City Brief gives you trusted recommendations based on your location. And if that does not give you what you need, live chat with the Concierge feature 24/7 to answer any questions.  There is built-in back up and security and many more features. On the outside Vertu lives up to their name with alligator skin, grade 5 titanium casing (try breaking that!) and a sapphire crystal screen covering a WVGA display .  Don’t forget the B&O speakers for unmatched audio. And here’s a first, you can get a Vertu for under 5 US figures. The base model starts at $9600 (£6700) with the top model going for $19,900. Well, at least those people that can afford a Vertu will now actually have respectable performance.


Thanks Telegraph