Star Wars on Your Wall


Decorating a kid’s (little or big) bedroom must involve something entertaining, that looks good and yet does not drive you insane when installing. Tough combination sometimes. And then of course you don’t want it to be TOO permanent, as inevitably they will change their interests. The Strawberry Shortcake girl’s room will have to be converted to a teenage hangout at some point. And little Bobby won’t always want to sleep in a room dominated with “Cars” characters. If your little ones are passing through a Star Wars phase we may have the perfect, unique solution for their wall(s).

A long, long time ago in a kids room far, far away came the Walltastic Star Wars Wall Stickers, £39.95 at Prezzybox. Characters literally jump out at you as the appliques are 3D. This is not your typical wallpaper nightmare either. Installing the stickers is actually a cinch. The mural comes in 12 numbered strips. Hang them, in order,using a little wallpaper glue in one corner to complete the work of art. You won’t hassle with glue everywhere and unbearable mess. Once up, don’t worry about mucky hands as a damp cloth will easily clean the scene. And plenty other characters and themes are available including Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig and The Avengers. So if you are looking for a simple yet fun way to decorate the kid’s domain, invite some of their favorite characters in.

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