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There is a new flagship smartphone in the Android side of town, and it will bear the HTC name this time around. Simply known as the HTC One, do not mistake this for its previous HTC One series that came with suffixes of alphabets such as the HTC One S, the HTC One X, and the HTC One X+. This is simply called the HTC One, where it was specially crafted with a distinct zero-gap aluminum unibody, and will also introduce new features such as HTC BlinkFeed, HTC Zoe and HTC BoomSound, which we will talk about in greater detail.

First of all, there is the HTC BlinkFeed, which functions as a personal live stream on your home screen itself, ensuring that you will be able to check out all relevant and important information such as social network updates, entertainment and lifestyle updates, news, and photos without having to fire up an app. Talk about being on top of things with but a glance! The HTC BlinkFeed offers local as well as global content from over 1,400 media sources with more than 10,000 articles per day.

As for the touted HTC UltraPixel Camera with HTC Zoe, the former will change the way you shoot photos and videos with your smartphone. HTC Zoe lets one shoot high-resolution photos which come to life in three-second snippets, sort of like a 50% discounted version of Twitter’s Vine. Having said that, Zoes will be displayed in a special manner that brings the gallery to life, while turning the once stoic photo gallery of still images into a motion gallery of memories.

HTC’s UltraPixel camera will feature a best-in-class f/2.0 aperture lens and a breakthrough sensor with UltraPixels that gather 300% additional light compared to the traditional smartphone camera sensors. It claims to offer astounding low-light performance, and has an ultrawide-angle, front-facing camera that also does 1080p video capture.

As for HTC BoomSound, it offers front-facing stereo speakers with a dedicated amplifier on a smartphone for the first time, complementing the Full HD display. HTC Sense TV is a must-have for couch potatoes, as it turns the new HTC One into an interactive program guide and remote control for compatible TVs, set-top boxes and receivers.

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Uriah Says: February 20, 2013 at 9:51 am

I have to say that I love the aluminum design of the HTC One. What I like more is that it will come with a 1080p display. I watch shows on my phone often, since the only time I can catch up with them is while I’m on my way to and from work at DISH. I think the 1080p display combined with the DISH Anywhere app, which lets me stream my live and recorded shows anywhere I go, should make for a great pair.

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