Adjustable Bread And Sandwich Toaster

How would you like your toast to be like, sir? Some of us are all right with just fruits for breakfast, while the others prefer something more filling, and a sandwich, bacon, eggs, and some toast with yummy jam would be more ideal – with a pot of coffee on the side, of course. Well, the $129.95 Adjustable Bread And Sandwich Toaster would make for a wholesome addition to your kitchen.

This two-slice toaster will be able to toast entire sandwiches, thanks to a clever modification to the toasting chamber that can expand by up to 2.3″ through a simple slide of the lever, and it will accommodate the included metal sandwich basket. The basket itself will hold the contents of a turkey melt or ham and cheese sandwich, letting the toaster brown both sides of the sandwich equally without prejudice, while melting away any cheese. It also has an adjustable-width toasting slot that holds bagels, small baguettes, and croissants in a jiffy, offering easy removal of toasted items.

You can select from ten browning settings of toast bread from a light brown to a dark walnut color, while there is a bagel setting that toasts the interior while gently warming the exterior of bagels. Bread lovers ought not to miss this.