Rawr…3D Cookies



Baking cookies takes me back to childhood. I don’t think I know anyone who does not enjoy rolling out the dough, cutting out the shapes and decorating them. Sprinkles, silver balls, mini-chocolate chips, colored frosting all help top off the final product. Mmmmm. Or if you are like me you don’t wait for the final product and enjoy eating some of the raw dough along the way. One thing is for certain, we all become kids again when cookie making begins.

Whether you become a kid or have one, Firebox has a set of cookie cutters that no one should miss out on. The 3-D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters will make your old cutters extinct. Included with each dino are 3-4 individual cutters. Bake away, cutting a set of pieces per cookie. Then after they cool you assemble the 3-4 pieces together to make a delectable, prehistoric 3-D friend. Frost and decorate to your heart’s content before you assemble too. Just leave the ‘slots’ open. Buy one of four dinosaurs (Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and T-Rex) for £7.99 each or get the whole set for £27.99. Whether a parent and child activity for a rainy day or an activity for a young one’s birthday celebration, bring dinosaurs back from the past right in your home with these cutters.


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