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Remember your first boombox? Did you have the one with the removable speakers? Maybe yours was skinny enough to carry on your shoulder. So when you walked to your friend’s house you could listen – and force others to listen – to your tunes the entire way. There were the dual cassette versions that were cool too. And oh boy, didn’t we all love the ability to record off the radio!  Whatever your style, having your own portable cassette player (boombox just sounds so much better) was da bomb back in the day.

Keep that boombox feel with a couple modern day meal must haves from Perpetual Kid. Start your morning right with the Boombox Mug, $11.49. Every time you tip your cup of joe the world will flashback to boombox days.  Leave it drying on its side to give a smile to all who pass by. Though I don’t think you will want to take this one breakdancing. When you are ready for food show off your Boombox Lunchbox, $13.99. This tin contraption will contain your vittles and illustrate your love of ghetto blasters. You can even walk into lunch or school with it on your shoulder to really work it. So stay cool and retro, with these boombox reminders and you will be the hippest person at the office.

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