Rally Fighter is first crowdsourced car


We might be a wee bit slow on this, the Rally Fighter, but it is still a cool piece of news to cover nonetheless. Just what the heck is so special about the Rally Fighter that you see above? Apart from a rather interesting name to fall back upon, this could very well be the ride that makes history, considering how it is the first crowdsourced vehicle that is the dream of Local Motors. Local Motors comprises of a group of designers, engineers and fabricators, where all of them share ideas communally, and this is their first creation ever.

The Rally Fighter was designed by art student Sangho Kim, and underneath the hood, she is all muscle to belie what’s is on the surface. Powered by a massive 6.2 liter V8 engine that churns out a whopping 430 ponies, you will also be able to throw in standards add-ons such as leather interiors, satellite navigation and power windows. Of course, the asking price is rather steep, as we are looking at $74,900, and since she is crowdsourced, you will need to ensure that the relevant funds are in place before the Rally Fighter is put together by the folks over at the Local Motors Phoenix Micro-Factory.


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