Still or Fizzy?

Do you remember the first fridge you saw that had water & ice dispensers built in? Ooooh, aahhh. Yet we all probably had a grumpy Uncle who grumbled about how lazy people were getting because we couldn’t go to the sink and get a glass of water. But face it. This fridge invention is now a staple and it pays off. Filtered, chilled water when you need it and ice on command. Very handy for sure.

Samsung wants to revolutionize what comes out of the fridge door. In conjunction with SodaStream, Samsung just announced the upcoming launch of a refrigerator containing an automatic sparkling water dispenser. If you are a still water person like me you won’t care. But for those that prefer fizzy water this is your fridge. Simply choose your level of carbonation (3 available) and the built-in, 60L SodaStream CO2 cylinder (easily replaceable) produces fizzy water. Space taken up by the SodaStream unit is minimal – basically the space taken up by sparkling water in bottles. Adding this feature to the already popular 4 door model gives them a leg up on the competition. Other features include a FlexZone drawer whose temperature can freeze or cool depending on need and Samsung’s TwinCooling to keep food fresh for a longer time. This 30.5 cubic foot sparkling water dispensing fridge will be available in the US  this April at $3899.  So stop buying carbonated water and start saving your pennies.

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