CRKT Knife Sharpener Key Ring


You know the Boy Scouts – they want to make sure that they remain prepared at all times, as you can never quite tell just what might happen at a particular point in our current time-space continuum that requires you to react correctly to the situation. Having said that, not all key rings are created equal, and Thinkgeek makes sure this particular point is driven across with the $16.99 CRKT Knife Sharpener Key Ring. Yes sir, who would have thought that something as humble and ordinary as a key ring could come in handy during knife-sharpening emergencies?

This will not only hold the rest of your precious keys together, but will also double up as a multi-tool keychain. While it is full well capable of sharpening knives anywhere and everywhere you are, it will be unable to sharpen fabled metals like mithril and Wolverine would also be in a spot as it will not work on his adamantium-bonded claws. The other tools that make up part of it will Include a bottle cap opener, flat blade driver, and belt cutter.

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