Archos expands tablet horizons with Platinum series

French portable media player, smartphone and tablet manufacturer Archos intends to expand their horizons where the tablet market is concerned, with three new additions to the Archos Platinum tablet range. You will find that Archos did not skimp on the hardware this time around with all three tablets, considering how they carry the Platinum name, they ought to live up to a certain level of reputation as well.

The entire Platinum range from Archos will share a High-Definition IPS display with capacitive multi-touch screen to keep it abreast with the latest developments among other manufacturers, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with an 8-core GPU that ought to make it more than capable of handling 1080p video decoding without batting an eyelid, 2GB RAM, full access to all 700,000 plus applications on the Google Play store, Archos Media Center applications to keep you and the family occupied, front and back cameras, mini-HDMI and a microSD memory card slot, with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice.

The Archos 80 Platinum will come in an 8” tablet form factor, boasting a 1024×768 resolution IPS screen, and should be out already for $199 a pop. As for the Archos 97 Platinum HD, this will be a larger tablet with a 9.7” display at a stunning 2048×1536 resolution, and will be comparable to the Retina display found in the iPad, although it clearly comes out the victor where pricing details are concerned. Out this month as well, the Platinum 97 HD will retail for $299.

Last but not least would be the largest model of the lot, the Archos 116 Platinum, which is an 11.6” tablet that boasts of a Full HD, 1920 × 1080 resolution IPS display, which is quite unlike anything currently on the market. The Archos 116 Platinum will be the late bloomer here, arriving only this coming April for $349 a pop.

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