Pyle Retro Belt-Drive Turntable


Pyle has unveiled its latest Retro Belt-Drive Turntable which is guaranteed to turn heads. After all, this unique USB turntable comes in the form of a classic briefcase, where it was specially designed with not only form but function in mind as well. The sleek and stream-lined fold-away unit is highly portable and is made up of a couple of built-in anti-magnetic speakers. Updated with cutting edge technology combined with nostalgic design, the PVTT2U offers the ultimate fusion of sound and style.

Of course, playing your favorite vinyl records is not the only thing that the Pyle Retro Belt-Drive Turntable is capable of doing, as you are also able to hook up to your PC directly via an USB port, paving the way for easy conversion of classic vinyl’s to the far more favored MP3 format in this digital day and age. In a nutshell, the PVTT2U will arrive with just about everything you require in order to get connected and edit your music collection, all thanks to a simple plug in. You can also take advantage of all the PVTT2U’s features through the editing of actual music files, while coming up with playlists for any occasion with the included software. This is definitely the way to merge the best of digital and analog technologies, and it would also make for a good present for the older generation folks in your home as it is capable of transforming your bulky stack of vinyl records into a compact digital music library.

The PVTT2U will deliver high quality performance for every audio need imaginable, and wireless playing capability is not out of the question, either. The rechargeable battery and briefcase-style will enable one to enjoy music on-the-go, making the PVTT2U ready when you are! Juice up the turntable by hooking it to your computer via the USB cable, or opt to plug it into a wall outlet via the included AC-USB adapter, it does not matter either way.

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