PowerSkin PoP’n External Battery

The PowerSkin PoP’n is a real interesting peripheral that you might want to check out if you own an iPhone 5, and tend to find out that you run out of battery life a whole lot faster before the sun sets each day, simply because you do a whole lot with your iPhone. Other than lugging around a charger wherever you go, why not settle for a more elegant solution? The PowerSkin PoP’n would pop into mind, pardon the pun, where it sports an attachable external battery that will stick onto current cases, and has also been Apple-certified (one of the first few, actually) external charging solutions for the iPhone 5.

The PowerSkin PoP’n will arrive with Apple Lightning and Micro-USB connectors for majority of orientations out there (Apple 30-pin & Micro-USB for HTC connectors are on their way). This pop-on battery charger holds another 2,000 mAh of charge, and it will “stick” to current external cases or smartphone chassis thanks to tiny yet flexible suction cups which will adhere externally to mobile devices and connect over an interchangeable tip to a Micro-USB, Apple 30-pin or Apple Lightning connector.

Jeniece Aragon, Marketing Director for XPAL Power, said, “PoP’n is all about convenience. From students gaming and enjoying social apps to business travelers multi-tasking between meetings, PoP’n serves as a charging solution for an array of devices and you can even use it without removing your current case. It is slim, light-weight, fits discretely in any bag, and it’s fun to hear the POP as you take it off once your phone is recharged!”

The PoP’n will arrive in two colors – just plain black and white, and you will have to fork out $69.99 for the Micro-USB connector version, and those who prefer to pick up the Apple Lightning connector model will have to fork out $79.99 for it. Expect to see red and pink versions arrive in the coming weeks.

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  1. Tom, the device will work for most smartphones. We launched with two tips and two more are on the way. You can literally charge an iPhone 5 with the device OR a Samsung/Nokia/Sony smartphone (and many more) by swapping the Flex Tip Connector.

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